We're Prayer Warriors

CSDC Prays

At CSDC, the preeminent hunger is for God's presence and God's power so we are committed to holy lifestyles along with being sensitive and impressionable to the flow and timing of the Spirit of God. Our deepest desire is for God's Kingdom to come and His will be done, thus the power of prayer and fasting is affirmed, taught and exemplified in this ministry.

Please join us each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. for the Corporate Prayer battering ram along with praying daily to build the Ministry prayer wall to make CSDC more than a conqueror in all things through Him that loves us!

Prayer Foci

  • Invite and involve God's presence in everything we do. Invite God in.
  • Unite around the principles and power of the Holy Spirit. Mirror the character of God; truth, holiness, purity, compassion and love.
  • Develop sight into the spirit realm and insight into God's will for CSDC family.
  • Activate the gifts of God that lie dormant within us and exceed our human potential.
  • Function effectively in righteousness, holiness and greater love.
  • Follow leadership submissively, obediently and comprehensively.
  • Shine the light of the church brightly in the region and dispels darkness.