Our Leadership

Our Pastors

Versal Mason Jr.

Senior Pastor

Uneda Jones

Executive Pastor

Temperance Tobe

Associate Pastor

Kevin Christian Sr.

Associate Pastor

Our Leadership Team

2020 Ministry Directors

  • Deacon Emeritus Joyce Brown (Sunday School Superintendent-in-training)
  • Pastor Kevin Christian (Co-Director, Marriage Ministry; Director, Worship and Fine Arts; Acting Director, In-Flow Mime Ministry )
  • Minister Mariel Christian (Co-Director, Marriage Ministry)
  • Sister Nikki Cross (Director, Worship-in-Warfare Dance Ministry; Director, Stature Young Adults 20-29)
  • Minister Sharon Herring (Director, Youth Development Fellowship)
  • Pastor Uneda Jones (Director, Teaching and Discipleship Ministry, )
  • Elder James Robertson, Jr. (Director, Men's Fellowship)
  • Minister Kimberly Robertson (Director, Seasoned Adults Living Triumphantly (S.A.L.T.) Fellowship)
  • Elder Brenda Tate (Director, Women’s Fellowship)
  • Pastor Temperance Tobe (Director, Prayer and Intercession Ministry; Acting Director, Outreach Ministry)
  • Minister Candice Webb (Director, D.I.E.S.E.L. 13-19; Sound of War Praise Team)
  • Minister Linwood Webb (Director, Digital, Audio, Video, Internet and Data (D.A.V.I.D) Ministry; Director, Spiritual Warfare and Testimony (SWAT) Praise Team & Music Team)
  • [TBA] (Director, International Ministries)

2020 Auxiliary and Operations Directors

  • Sister Maria Ayscue (Director, Shepherd’s Palm)
  • Deacon Tony Ayscue (Chair, Deacon Board)
  • Minister Kevin Cross (Chair, Safety Committee)
  • Deacon Sylvia Graham (Director, Ministry Services and Helps Auxiliary)
  • Sister Cassandra Williams (Chair, Jonathan’s Heart Auxiliary)
  • [TBA] (Chair, Mother Board]

2020 Leadership Council

  • Chairman/Senior Executive Pastor - Pastor Versal Mason, Jr. – (Administrator: Deacon Board, Safety Committee, Board of Directors)
  • Business Manager – Judy Mason (Administrator: Facilities, Properties, Cup Center; Church Business Administration)
  • Executive Pastor & Church Secretary - Pastor Uneda Jones (Administrator: Church Administrative Teams; Shepherd’s Palm; Ministry Services; Administrative Support for Leadership & Ecclesiastical Councils; Director, Teaching and Discipleship Ministry; Stature-Young Adults 20-29, DIESEL (Teens) 13-19 and Instruments of War Youth Fellowship 4-12; International Ministry)
  • Associate Pastor – Pastor Kevin Christian (Administrator: Ministers-in-Training, Men’s and Women’s Fellowships; Co-Director, Marriage Ministry; Director, Worship & Fine Arts Ministry)
  • Associate Pastor – Pastor Temperance Tobe (Administrator: Stephen Ministry; Outreach Ministry; Deliverance Ministry; Jonathan's Heart; Mother Board and Seasoned Adults Living Triumphantly (S.A.L.T.) Ministry; Director, Intercessory Prayer Ministry)
  • Executive Support – Minister Mariel Christian (Senior Pastor's Administrative Support; Administrator: Digital, Audio, Video, Internet and Data (D.A.V.I.D) Ministry; Co-Director, Marriage Ministry; Board of Directors)
  • Alternative Resources and Funding – Minister Dr. Michelle Sever (Administrator; Director, Alternative Funding; Coordinator, Church Fundraising; Director, Ministers-in-Training; Director, Deliverance Ministry)

2020 Ecclesiastical Council

  • Senior Executive Pastor – Pastor Versal Mason, Jr. (Board of Directors; Executive Committee; Ecclesiastical & Leadership Councils)
  • Executive Pastor – Pastor Uneda Jones
  • Associate Pastor – Pastor Kevin Christian
  • Associate Pastor – Pastor Temperance Tobe
  • Associate Minister – Elder Mary Mayo
  • Associate Minister – Elder James Robertson, Jr.
  • Associate Minister – Elder Brenda Tate
  • Associate Minister – Minister Mariel Christian
  • Associate Minister – Minister Kevin Cross
  • Associate Minister - Minister Tonya Dickerson
  • Associate Minister – Minister Sharon Herring
  • Associate Minister – Minister Kimberly Robertson
  • Associate Minister – Minister Dr. Michelle Sever
  • Associate Minister – Minister Candice Webb
  • Associate Minister – Minister Linwood Webb

2020 Servants' Board


  • Deacon Tony Ayscue (Chair)
  • Deacon Alphonso Dickerson, Sr.
  • Deacon Sylvia Graham
  • Deacon Derrick Holloway
  • Deacon Roderick Howie
  • Deacon Deborah LaFrance
  • Deacon Herbert McAdoo, Jr.


  • Deacon Emeritus Joyce Brown
  • Deacon Emeritus Johnette Loftin
  • Deacon Emeritus Eadie Peterson


  • [TBA] (Chair)
  • Elder-Mother Patricia Graham
  • Mother Julia Figueroa
  • Mother Mary Lawrence
  • Mother Irene Ryals
  • Mother Monica Wambua