Serving with Y.E. Smith Elementary School

The Church/School Partnership

The partnership between Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church and Y. E. Smith Elementary School began when the Lord instructed me to foster community change by starting with the youngest among us. Obviously, there is no better place to tap into a changed future than the public schools. The thought behind it was to start serving right here in the community in which we worship because if we could win the hearts of our children, we would have an opportunity to change an entire generation and turn their hearts toward God.

The truth is, if we can win the children, we have an opportunity to build a legacy that will last a lifetime. If we can win the children, we have an opportunity to change the community around them. If we can win the children, there is the possibility to turn them away from gangs, childhood pregnancy, the drug culture, and prison

“If you want a year of prosperity grow grain, if you want 10 years of prosperity grow a tree, but if you want 100 years of prosperity grow people.”

What does the Partnership look like?

We seek to serve under the leadership of the administrators in order to alleviate some of the pressures they have to deal with on a recurring basis. The church strives to help relieve school stressors by:

  • Ensuring that students have required school supplies

  • Providing additional snacks for students

  • Providing additional food bags for students to take home, especially on week-ends

  • Assisting with the acquisition of school uniforms

  • Serving as mentors

  • Serving as test proctors

  • Becoming classroom “Mothers” and” Fathers”

  • Volunteering at Book Fairs and other school-wide activities

  • Assisting the Librarian in shelving and repairing books, etc

  • Praying consistently for students, faculty and staff

It is our privilege to be fully involved, as appropriate, in the life of Y. E. Smith Elementary School because we believe that the church can and will make a lasting difference in the lives of the students.